Family Surname Origin

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There are currently over 220,000 surname histories for people of English, Welsh, Irish, & Scottish origin; with new names and origins being added all the time! Many of these name histories go back thousands of years.

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Our thoroughly researched surname histories generally include:

  • Ancient origin of the name (usually pre-1100)
  • Known spelling variations
  • Early movement of the surname during the Middle Ages
  • Noteworthy people found in the 1500-1800s
  • Notable contemporary bearers of the name
  • Coat of Arms
  • Crest
  • Motto


Every surname history is printed on an A4 parchment scroll. The scroll work was beautifully illustrated by a gifted artist with a particular concern for heraldic detail. It highlights many appropriate heraldic symbols, making it informative as well as decorative

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