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Each of our thoroughly researched stary.gif (3310 bytes)surname histories includes the place of origin for thecrusknight1.gif (5655 bytes) surname, facebook marketing agency ,variations in spelling, name meaning, early movement of the surname throughout the Middle Ages, famous and infamous namesakes from all periods of history, titles such as knight, baron, earl, and duke held by family members, movement to other countries and a description of the ancient Coats of Arms, Crest and Motto. 

clipart_ancient_022.gif (24216 bytes)stary.gif (3310 bytes) There are currently over 220,000 surname histories for people of English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish origins! Some family histories cover as much as 1,100 years. Check for the availability of your surname.

stary.gif (3310 bytes) The computer generated coats of arms  with crest and motto (if available) for the associated coats of arms of the surname of choice, are  printed on A4 paper with a high quality laser color printer and mailed to you. The coats of arms are individually drawn, using the computer. Please note the finished product is even better quality than the examples shown.crusknight3.gif (19513 bytes)

stary.gif (3310 bytes)Our First Name Art is made by laser printing on the finest quality pictures. When we receive your order, the picture is overprinted with a personalized message using a high resolution laser process that won't fade, smudge or peel. The finished product is a beautifully detailed work of art that is ready for framing. When you see our range in the Family Room, Children's Room or the Special Occasions Room you will see how much we believe in the quality and beauty of this affordable product.

crusknight2.gif (7950 bytes)stary.gif (3310 bytes)At the Name Seekers web site you will find many interesting items including a collection of genealogy links to help you discover your own family origins, maybe even discovering a long lost relation.


Call us at 44 01202 892948 or send an E-Mail  for complete details.

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